The great pink countdown

Pink Anonymous is getting set to explore individual and collective activism on issues that impact GLBTI communities. Funding here in Queensland Australia of QAHC, the local queer community based health promotion group was cut to near nothing by the recently elected conservative government. We have all had a say and indeed a grumble, people have lot jobs, it's now time to queer up and deal with the new reality. Reflecting on health promotion in our community, when funding is provided by government comes with strings attached. And the string that pulls on the neck of effective promotion is censorship. The very process of approval dilutes the power of messages and limits their effectiveness. Is this just an Queensland issue? Is it an issue Australia wide? Is it really an international issue, we think so.

While funded formal health campaigns were all that could be achieved 20 years ago, today we live in a very different world. One where with a little skill and a computer were are all capable of being print, internet and even video publishers. A world where we carry a still and video camera in our pockets in the form of smart phones. A connected world where the other side of the planet is as close as down the street, on the super highway of the internet.

Join us, discuss, explore and let your hair down, discover new ways we can assist each other to build stronger local, regional and international 'pink' communities. Everyone is pink on the inside, participation requires only interest not a classification.

Our Facebook Page is in the links block in the footer. There is also a strategy group on Facebook which members who are friends of members can be signed into.

Interested parties are invited to take active roles in creating content, video production, photography and other activities. People with programming skills in Flash, Drupal and creating Facebook Apps are particularly valuable. As are those capable of translating content to other languages. If you have an event or website to promote, ask and we will allocate an appropriate channel to assist you.